Over the years, we’ve refined the games and activities that work for our kids at our annual All Saints/All Souls Day Party, and what doesn’t. This year, we’ll have to take these ideas home. Since the kids that came to our weekly meetings were so young, we did a Saint Matching Game instead of Saint Bingo. If you’ve got older ones, you can find a fabulous Saint Bingo on CatholicPlayground.com

Our cards for matching came from Catholic Icing’s ABC Saints. Wonderfully, Lacy, the blog owner, made the download in both color and line drawings. As I may have mentioned, my color printer is always out of ink. Hence, I supplemented the line drawings with a resource that is rarely in short supply at our house – kid power. My kids grabbed markers and colored like crazy for me, matching their color schemes to the duplicate for each Saint.

Once colored, we glued them onto two large sheets of paper. (Hint: Check the kids’ art aisle at Hobby Lobby for a cheaper, bigger, roll of white paper that I also reference using for our Sugar Skull Dot Paint activity.) Then, I laminated them in our Faith Formation office so we can use them over and over. I also laminated the matching cards and cut them apart. If you don’t have a laminator, check with a local school, find a teacher store, or head over to an office supply store. The latter will probably be the most expensive.

For the party, we laid both big sheet on the floor with the corresponding cards next to each. Splitting it made it possible for two kids to play at the same time, or big kids to race each other.

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