I realize that, if you’re here, you’ve probably made – or your kids have made – a handful or more of Advent wreath crafts in years past. And what do you do with them? Usually, they’re paper of some sort, and they start to fall apart. Or, they’re bulky and don’t store well. 

I think I’ve decided that all Advent and Christmas crafts should be ornaments. Then, they automatically end up in the pile of things to put away when the decorations come down. Or, even better, you can give them as gifts. 

So, let’s get crafting!

Advent Wreath Ornament

You’ll need green yarn, posterboard or an empty cereal box, glue, one pipe cleaner in purple, one pink, and one gold, a hole punch, a little bit of yellow foam or paper, and a clothespin or clip. 

Prepare the Wreath

Draw or trace a 3-5 inch circle on your posterboard or box. Then, draw a circle in the middle of that one to make a wreath shape. Repeat this step. You’re going to glue your two wreath pieces together to make it sturdier. 

Cut out the two wreaths you’ve drawn on posterboard or an empty food box. Glue them together, taking the opportunity to put any labels facing each other so that only plain sides of the box show. 

Wrap green yarn around a clothespin. This will help the kids wrap it through the hole easier. You can also cut across the wreath in one spot and tape it back together later. This allows them to keep wrapping without switching hands. 

Tape or glue or tie the first bit of yarn around the posterboard wreath. 

Hand the clothespin and the posterboard wreath to a kid. Tell them to wrap it all around. It doesn’t actually need to be perfectly wrapped. My eight-year-old did this one, though, so she wanted it to look just right. 

As long as they keep wrapping, eventually, the yarn will cover the circle. Once it does, tie, tape, or glue the last end of yarn to the wreath. 

Scootch the yarn over in four places and punch holes. You’re going to use these holes for pipe cleaner candles. 

Prepare the Candle Holders

Cut your gold pipe cleaner into four equal pieces and wrap each one around a small finger or a pencil to create a tight spiral. Uncoil one end and thread it through one of the holes you just punched. Twist it back onto itself to keep it in place. Repeat this in all of the holes. These are your candle holders (an addition of the same eight-year-old).

Prepare the Candles

Now, cut your pink and purple pipe cleaners into three pieces each. You’ll only need one piece of the pink. Wrap each of these through the holes so that the candle holders surround them. 

Next, cut out four flames from paper or foam, whichever you have. Poke the pipe cleaner candles through the base of each flame piece. I added a little shading with a marker. 

Make it into an Ornament

Lastly, make one spare loop out of the yarn. This is to hang it on the tree so it doesn’t end up in a paper pile . . . or on the fridge . . . or in the line of hanging papers that never get cleaned out. You can bend the candles in whichever direction makes sense based on what your kids want to do with it. 

St. Lucy Variation

Use the same method, but change out the candles. You’ll need 5 white candles and 5 holes with five flames. You can use red bows instead of candle holders. Check back later today for our wearable DIY St. Lucy crown!


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