Whether you’re making a cake from scratch, or grabbing one from HEB or Sam’s to celebrate after this immensely important Sacrament for your son or daughter, we’ve got a great freebie to help you commemorate your son or daughter’s First Holy Communion. Each image below is linked to a Cricut project file you can use at home to cut a cake topper for your First Communion party. One even has the option to customize it with your son or daughter’s name!

One of my daughter’s made her First Communion during covid, and I used this design to make a handmade card for her since there wasn’t much else she was going to be getting because of all of the restrictions.

This design was for Michelle, author of many of our website’s reflections, to top a cake my daughter made for her son’s First Communion.

Both come out great on gold cardstock. You can find a few options at Hobby Lobby for a dollar or two per sheet. To stabilize them if you make them large, cut the image twice, one reversed, so that you can glue the two together. The only other work is hot gluing a wooden skewer or lollipop stick onto the cut image so you can have it stand above the cake.

Don’t have a Cricut? No problem! You can download the cake topper svg files instead. We also have them as jpg images in case the svg gives you any trouble. Happy cutting, and congratulations on this tremendous milestone in your child’s life!

Free Cake Topper Files

First Communion Name Cake Topper Cricut
First Communion Name Cake Topper jpg
First Communion Name Cake Topper svg
First Communion Cake Topper Cricut
First Communion Cake Topper jpg
First Communion Cake Topper svg

Since we’re offering these for free, we can’t give you any tech support if they’re not working for you. If you do use them, send us a picture or leave us a comment!

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