First Holy Communion invitation with hands holding a host, dates and times of the First Communion and party to follow, an envelope and branch in the background

If you need a quick solution to sending invitations for your son or daughter’s First Holy Communion, we’ve got the perfect Canva template for you to use. All of the images and fonts are free, so it won’t cost you a thing to instantly download your customized invite as a jpg or a pdf that you can text, email, or print to send out to family and friends.

Our editable invitation highlights what your child is about to receive – the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ – with a simple image of a child’s hands holding a host. Word of Scripture from John 6:53-55 surround the host. They are very small, but very powerful words that help us recognize that Christ meant to be with us forever. And somehow, by the mystery of the Transubstantiation, He’s there, truly present, just as He promised, in both the bread and the wine.

As Catholics, we know that Christ was not talking symbolically in those verses. Not only does he not correct those who are concerned about His teaching, as He does other times His followers are confused or unbelieving, everything in Scripture points to the True Presence. For starters, Christ was born in Bethlehem, which means “house of bread.” The Israelites received mana in the desert – a strange substance they could only eat a certain number of times a day. It was a bread they could not have created themselves, that was a gift from God to nourish them for the road ahead to the promised land. In the miracle of the fish and loaves, and in the Road to Emmaus, Christ makes Himself known through the breaking of the bread. It is this bread that feeds people. There’s so much more, but you’ll have to read Brant Pitre’s book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist to soak it all in. If you don’t have that much time, you can watch his synopsis video.

This is a tremendously special occasion for your son or daughter. Even if they can’t wrap their heads around what’s really happening, being open to God dwelling within them in the Eucharist is an unimaginable gift that should be celebrated. We’re hoping this free digital file will help you in your party plans so that you can show your kids how important it is, and evangelize to those you invite at the same time.

The text in this Canva template is completely editable so that you can change the name, date, location, and any other event details. You will need a Canva account, but those are free to sign up for, too, and Canva is very user-friendly. We’ve made this template even simpler by giving you access only to the text boxes so that the layout won’t move on you. We can’t offer troubleshooting support on this since we’re offering it for free, but there are plenty of Canva how-to videos if you get stuck.

Congratulations to your son or daughter on this beautiful Sacrament! May God watch over your whole family as you work to understand and respond to such an incredible gift.

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