Our CALM Moms group just decided it’s time to reach out to this hurting world. Each of the people God has put on this earth needs to know that he or she is LOVED by God and noticed and important to someone. It’s our job to tell them. You can come up with your own outreach to people you don’t know, or you can use ours. Here’s what to do:

1. Print the holy spirit card on cardstock as many times as you want and cut them apart. Need it in Spanish? No problem. Download holy spirit card Spanish instead.

2. Give a stack of cards to each member of your family. Ask them to pray or fast for whomever will get each card. Be creative – fast from complaining, sweets, procrastinating. Pray a specific decade, a novena, a prayer to the Holy Spirit, your favorite Mary prayer. Sing all the songs we can’t sing at church. Do this together as a family as much as possible, but also give room for your kids to be responsible for prayer on their own.

3. Pray and discuss God’s love while you color/paint them and fill out the blank back.

4. The front of the card has a picture of the Holy Spirit and the words, “a little bird told me . . ” On the back, write these words at the top: ” . . .to pray for you. You are loved.”

5. Then, add a little something about you and your prayer offering, like, “I am a mother of four, and I prayed the 3rd Glorious Mystery of the Rosary for you.” or, “I’m 5 years old, and I prayed a Hail Mary with my mommy for you.” or, “I’m an electrical engineer, and I fasted from YouTube for you on Monday.” You can also add, “Please pray for me, too.” and anything else you’d like.

6. Get it into the hands of someone you don’t know. You can mail it to a hospital, drop it by a nursing home, stick it on car windshields, tape it to the mailboxes or sidewalk, leave it in an unexpected place, or mail it to a random address.

7. Pass it on! Tell your friends, and get them to do it, too.

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