For years, we planned light St. Valentine’s Day activities for our moms group. The kids were encouraged to bring Valentines to exchange, and there was some craft planned for them. I was the planner/prepper of the activities and crafts. Every single year, we didn’t make it. I have no idea what it looked like in that meeting room at church on the Monday nearest St. Valentine’s Day. I expect that perhaps the moms simply had less to do, because, let’s face it, it’s usually up to us to finish the craft. 

One of the plans I had was this cute and simple Valentine holder. I’m sure I saw it somewhere and copied the idea. The best part is, the kids might really finish this one! As for prep work, you could even skip the minimal cutting I show, but I like rounding off the edges to make the heart shape better. So, how many steps does it take? 

How to Make a Paper Plate Valentine Bag

  1. Fold two thin paper plates in half
  2. Round off the top edges to make it look more like a heart (optional).
  3. Tape or glue the two sides together, overlapping them so they create a heart shape.
  4. Punch one hole in each side. If you’re using wide ribbon, punch two overlapping holes in each side to help it slide through more easily.
  5. Tie a ribbon or string or piece of yarn between the two holes for a handle.

From there, you hand it to the kids, and they decorate with whatever supplies and adhesives you’ve gathered.

I suggest stickers for simplicity, paint or tiny scraps of tissue paper for beauty and creativity, and crayons for the lack of mess. For showing off, go Cricut cut their names, make doily-inspired hearts, or cover it in dots of paper to create a pixelated masterpiece (q-tip painted dots work well for this, too).

Now, with all of your extra time, what should you put inside? How about a fruit loop rosary? Or a free printouts from CatholicIcing, BeAHeart, ImmaculateHeartColoringPages, theCatholicKid, HolyHeroes, quick kid-made cards like these, or Cricut cut cards like these, this cute Saint Valentine craft, or this popup card? Willing to throw a few dollars at it? Try Etsy shops or CatholicAllYear for some great Catholic valentines. 

Don’t forget to use it in place of a gift bag for teachers. You can even make it a hanging planter if you insert a plastic container of soil, securing it in place with stuffing.

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