Image of six different cards on a wood background. The cards have a white background and says Merry Christmas. One has an image of a Christmas tree, one a bell, one a wreath, one a star, one a candle, and one a candy cane. The words say Free Canva Template Christmas Cards

Need a last-minute, instant download Christmas card that sends a Catholic message, lets you use your family photos, and can be printed at home or uploaded to your favorite print services site, like Office Depot or VistaPrint? How about an easily customizable template you can change with a free Canva account where you can plug in your family photos to holiday cards already formatted for you that focus on the real message of this holiday season – Christ’s Incarnation?

Our “Signs of Christmas” Christmas cards give you options to evangelize your mailing list with the images we see most often during Christmas that actually have forgotten roots in Catholic tradition.

The front of each of these Christmas card templates offer a common image of the Christmas season, and surround it with words explaining the real meaning. Unlike the templates offered on Canva, these have been created with only Canva’s free images and fonts so you won’t have to pay anything for this instant download.

The back is your space to create a photo card by simply plugging in your favorite photos and a quick summary of your year’s highlights. Or, you can choose to use our simple, pre-written words of love and leave the stress of the family photo out.

If you’re new to Canva, we have a video tutorial to help you walk through the process of adding your own images and downloading the file in the format you’ll need for printing. If you’ve used the user-friendly, online design program before, or navigate new technology well, the instructions are on the last page of each template. Since we’re offering these for free, we won’t be able to offer any trouble shooting beyond these two resources.

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What Are the Signs of Christmas?

What we’ve forgotten over many decades is that traditional Christmas decorations reflect a hidden meaning. To read more about it, you can grab a copy of “The True Meaning of Christmas,” published by Ignatius Press.

Christmas Tree

Perhaps the most iconic sign of Christmas, trees have been clogging the aisles at Costco since early September. But, these representations of the majestic conifers that stay green all year long aren’t just a must-have home decor item for the season. They actually point to Christ. In the Garden of Eden, we know that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In Genesis, there was also a Tree of Life. Because Christ chose to give himself on the cross for all of humanity, He can be referred to as the “First Fruits of the Tree of Life.”


Traditional Christmas wreaths, including the Advent wreath, are meant to be made in a circle and created with evergreen branches. Both parts – the circle and the evergreen – symbolize God’s ever-present love for us. He is the Alpha and the Omega, and His Love has no end.


As Catholics, bells remind us of Christ’s True Presence in the Eucharist. The bells are rung at every Mass during the Epiclesis, when the priest asks the Holy Spirit to change the bread and wine into Christ’s body and blood.

Candy Canes

You’ve probably heard about the beginnings of the candy cane, or seen the candy cane prayer. The candy cane is a reminder of the Good Shepherd. It’s meant to look like a shepherd’s staff. You can use our free printable candy cane prayer if you’re planning to use this sugary treat as a quick gift to pass out this year.


Our trees often have a star at the top. Why? Because the wisemen recognized Jesus through a star. We should do the same. Make every star a reminder of Jesus this Advent and Christmas season!


Every candle, including all of the Advent wreath candles with their own corresponding virtue, should call to mind the Light of Christ, and how He dispels the darkness.

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